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About Us

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Welcome to She Loves Blooms 💐

I'm Yvette, the heart and soul behind She Loves Blooms. My heritage weaves a vibrant tapestry – combining the beauty of Chinese Peranakan from my mother's side and the deep culture of First Nations Australian (Bundjalung/Gidhabal) from my father's. My lived experiences have taken me from Singapore's energetic streets to the breathtaking landscapes of Australia, and even allowed me a cherished stint amidst London's captivating charm.

While juggling an exciting career in First Nations Australian space and the wonders of motherhood, I poured my passion and vision into establishing She Loves Blooms in 2019. In this space, I craft brooches that are more than mere accessories; they are expressions of joy and symbols for the causes I hold dear.

A standout in my collection highlights the importance of endangered animals, particularly those from Southeast Asia and Australia. I'm deeply dedicated to the idea of a thriving forest ecosystem and hope that my creations strike a chord, drawing attention to the beauty of nature and the urgency of its conservation. My love for brooches was kindled in 2011 when I stumbled upon an Erstwilder brooch, igniting a lasting passion for such artistry. I firmly believe that fashion jewellery, especially my signature pieces, can spark vital discussions on subjects like endangered species and pressing human rights matters. In line with this belief, I ensure that a portion of the proceeds from She Loves Blooms supports organisations championing animal conservation and human rights, furthering the cause of education and heightened awareness. 

We've recently relocated to Ngunnawal and Ngambri country (Canberra), Australia. I invite you to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated. Please feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions or ideas. I'd love to hear from you!

With love,

Yvette -


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