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April 21 marks a significant occasion for tea enthusiasts across the UK and beyond — National Tea Day. This delightful event is not just a testament to tea's enduring popularity but also an opportunity to explore the rich diversity of ways in which this beloved beverage can be enjoyed. Whether you are a devotee of traditional brews or eager to experiment with contemporary twists, National Tea Day offers the perfect excuse to celebrate the world’s second most consumed drink after water.

The Quintessential British Cuppa
Nothing encapsulates British tea culture more than a classic cup of black tea with milk. Often associated with comfort and warmth, this traditional method involves brewing a robust black tea such as Assam or English Breakfast for a few minutes before adding a splash of milk. Some prefer to sweeten their cup with sugar or honey, making it a personalised ritual. National Tea Day is an ideal time to revisit this comforting classic, perhaps accompanied by a digestive biscuit or a slice of cake.

Going Green with Green Tea
Green tea, revered for its health benefits, has seen a surge in popularity. Rich in antioxidants, it's a lighter alternative to black tea, perfect for those looking for a subtle yet refreshing flavour. Varieties like Japanese Sencha or Chinese Dragonwell offer distinct profiles that can be explored on this day. For a truly serene experience, consider brewing your green tea at a lower temperature to preserve its delicate flavours.

Herbal Delights: Infusions for Everyone
Herbal teas offer a caffeine-free alternative, ideal for late afternoons or evenings. From the soothing chamomile to the invigorating peppermint, herbal infusions are not only tasty but also boast various health benefits. National Tea Day could be the perfect moment to discover the calming effects of lavender or the digestive benefits of ginger tea.

Oolong: The Best of Both Worlds
Oolong tea, a traditional Chinese tea, sits between green and black teas in terms of oxidation. Offering a unique taste that can range from fruity to earthy, oolong is an excellent choice for those looking to expand their tea-tasting horizons. Its intricate layering of flavours can be a talking point for any tea-themed gathering or blog post.

Exotic Flavours: Bubble Tea and Beyond
For those inclined towards more modern, adventurous tea experiences, bubble tea offers a fun and tasty alternative. Originating from Taiwan, this beverage combines tea with milk or fruit flavours and features tapioca pearls or fruit jellies at the bottom, providing an enjoyable chewy contrast to the drink's sweetness. National Tea Day is a great excuse to indulge in this playful treat, which can be made at home or enjoyed at a local bubble tea shop.

Iced Tea: A Refreshing Twist
As the weather begins to warm up in April, iced tea becomes an increasingly popular choice. Whether it’s a classic iced black tea or a more innovative creation like iced lavender green tea, there's nothing quite as refreshing on a sunny day. Experiment with adding fresh fruits, herbs, or a splash of lemonade to bring out a new dimension in your favourite teas.

National Tea Day is more than just a celebration; it's an exploration of culture, tradition, and innovation. By embracing both classic and new ways of enjoying tea, you can participate in a global conversation about this versatile and beloved drink. So whether you prefer your tea served in a fine china cup or through a colourful straw, take a moment to savour the flavour and the vast history that comes with every sip. 

Novel Tea Brooch

4月 21, 2024 3 min read

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