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Ellie is a wonderful elephant brooch. I love a lot her wonderful face, her smile, her look, her colors, her clothes, her movement full of positive energy. Congrats for the talent of its designer. Thank you. I highly recommend this store!

I like it :)

Package was cute :) and I like this Pete Cromer Collection

Delicious and fun

Beautifully crafted piece that is a fun way to draw the eye and conversation. Secure and timely international post. Customer service A+. Thank you
This cute brooch represents my love for baking and something I enjoy with my family and our traditions.

Delightful surprises

I added a blind box to my first order and I’m so glad I did. I wouldn’t usually choose a fairy brooch but now she’s a firm favourite and so many people compliment me when I wear her and my other slb brooches.
Beautifully made, charming designs. I’ll definitely be back for more.

Brilliant fun, beautiful brooches

The blind box is an amazing value purchase and an excellent way to get a taste of the brand or treat yourself to a little surprise. The brooches are beautifully made. The quality is impeccable and I love the bright, quirky designs. I adore my SLB brooches and think the mystery component of these blind boxes is so fun! I have ordered four now I like them so much!

Love this

Another great piece from SLB. The knitting roo is too cute.

Cute AF

The cat and her bobbin pin looks so adorbs!

Blind h by ox joy!!

Love these blind boxes! Super value and half the fun is not knowing what you’ll get! Guaranteed cuteness regardless! I love mine and the quality is superb ❤️ I got two but will be back for more 😊

The Infamous Internet Pigeon

Purchased just before this beauty was a viral hit, I am in love with Skittles. It is always a favourite with my class when I wear it to work, and my class even went and found out all about the species!

Stunning Piece

I hadn't expected Mr Dhole to be quite so glittery, but he is all the more beautiful for it. Often mistaken for a fox, I love getting to talk to people about this lovely creature.

The brooch is beautifully made and came wonderfully packaged. Thank you so much!

Adore him

Got both the pink and blue tie versions. Absolutely adore him. His colour and glitter are perfect, and he is beautifully designed and put together.

Adore him

It was this little fellow that brought me to discover this gorgeous treasure trove of a website.
He's even more beautiful in person. Glad I fell in with temptation and got both the blue and pink ties versions, haha!

Thrilled as punch

Gorgeous colours.
Beautifully crafted.
Fantastic service.
All-round winner.
Got a loyal customer here!!


A gorgeous treasury of colour.
And the service I got with them was absolutely lovely and touching. Made me feel special and appreciated.
Easily ordering again (*cough cough* already have, haha)

Feathered friends

All three are just so beautiful. So thrilled I decided to spoil myself and get all 3.

I'm in love

Absolutely adore her!! So beautiful in person!! My phone camera doesn't do her gorgeous colours justice.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Super stunning giant brooch that I cannot wait to wear. Will turn any outfit festive fast!

Beautiful bird brooch

My first ever brooch and it is a stunner .
Lovely colours , size and just perfect .
Great service as well
Will buy more for sure

Gina Glider

Another amazing brooch. Beautifully made, great colours.

Lovely brooch

I love this little Guinea pig ❤️ She fits perfect to my new cardi and was packed so lovely
Thank you

Groovy Baby

Love my new brooch beautiful quality and colours.

Book Lover's Joy

Perfect brooch for us bibliophiles, this is well made, a good size and draws lots of comments. Excellent design and excellent quality.

Gorgeous Lady

Love this brooch, she's beautifully made and delicate but not fragile feeling. Perfect for a magical sparkly little pop of colour on your outfit 💗

If I was a witch

Vivienne is my kind of witch. Sparkly purple hair & fabulous pink dress & black kitty riding high on a broomstick. She is gorgeous!

Lolligagger Pumpkin Cat Brooch


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