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Ollie the Otter with Ice Kacang Brooch

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*Please note each otter piece may differ from one to another and it might differ from the one pictured. The 'otter' fur piece uses a textured acrylic which can range in different tones. 

Ollie the Otter brooch with his Ice Kacang (Shaved Ice dessert dish with beans, jelly and sweet syrup). This is part of She Loves Blooms Animals with Singapore's hawker culture features. Ollie is holding a Peranakan inspired bowl decorated in vivid turquoise and flowers petals.

Peranakan Nyonyaware is vividly coloured and decorated with auspicious motifs appropriate to the special occasions they were used to celebrate decorative motifs. It features feminine Chinese heritage such as peonies, butterflies and phoenixes.    

Height 68mm x Width 50mm

Info & Care: 

Each piece is made from laser cut and layered acrylic, hand assembled and hand painted. As our designs are lovingly glued, assembled and painted by hand there can be finger print marks and very slight variations and blemishes from piece to piece. Due to the hand mixed nature of the resins in our designs, it is common and normal to find tiny flecks or bubbles in the resin layers. All in all this just makes each piece as special and unique as you are. 

Brooch clasps are made from silver-plated steel. Due to the use of high-quality silver-plating in our brooch clasps, tarnishing and oxidisation can occur, producing black and gold discolouration. As with all silver products, you can simply restore it using a silver cloth. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cute Otter

Bought the cute Otter to match the ice kacang earrings. Super Cute,lovely colours and great quality!

Caitlyn Bethke
Yet another win from She Loves Blooms!

Once again SLB has blown it out of the park with their designs! The otter is so adorable, and the ice kacang makes me hungry just looking at it. The brooch is incredibly well made, and very affordable too, so I'd recommend it to broochies with all budgets big or small.

Vinni Kirkeby
He's so cute!

This is fast becoming my favorite brooch. He's so lovely and cute.

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