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Joy Luck Basket Brooch

*Please note each piece may differ from one to another and it might differ from the one pictured. Each brooch piece uses textured acrylic/resin.

This is a vintage traditional Chinese / Peranakan wedding basket. Known by the Peranakans as Bakul Sia or Sia-nah in Hokkien. “Bakul" means basket in Malay, and “Siah” means auspicious in Hokkien. In Chinese culture, the betrothal ceremony is also known as Guo Da Li. Back in the day, wedding gifts will be exchanged by both families. Each basket has its own significance and treats. I have included two oranges, layered kueh (glutinous rice dessert) and Pulut Inti- blue glutinous rice dessert with grated coconut.

Height 58mm x Length 63mm

Info & Care: 

Each piece is made from laser cut and layered acrylic, hand assembled and hand painted. As our designs are lovingly glued, assembled and painted by hand there can be finger print marks and very slight variations and blemishes from piece to piece. Due to the hand mixed nature of the resins in our designs, it is common and normal to find tiny flecks or bubbles in the resin layers. All in all this just makes each piece as special and unique as you are. 

Brooch clasps are made from silver-plated steel. Due to the use of high-quality silver-plating in our brooch clasps, tarnishing and oxidisation can occur, producing black and gold discolouration. As with all silver products, you can simply restore it using a silver cloth. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
R Taha

Much loved! The brooch is beautiful and very well made. My friends love it and I’m going to order more ❤️

Lovely details

Bought this brooch specifically to match my batik dress. Wore this assemble to an overseas event to represent my home country. The details were extraordinary! It was a conversation piece for sure ❤️

Colourful celebrations

A beautifully designed and crafted piece to add a special touch to celebration accessories. Brightly coloured piece. Excellent customer service. Thank you.

Karine Davis
Joy Luck Basket

Such a delightful amd colourful brooch depicting so many beautiful ingredients. A delightful brooch to wear and beautifully packaged.


Beautiful piece of art which is versatile for any outfit

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