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It‘s International Free Hugs Day. Every 3rd of July, we celebrate International Free Hugs Day and as She Loves Blooms we wanted to do it a little differently. The pandemic has been so tough on all of us in many ways. I am sure we all share in this. 

What does a hug mean to you? Hugs are special; they make us feel loved and less lonely - it reminds us that we are not alone and especially at this time we need that human touch, human interaction and at times all we need is a hug. We wish we could all go out and offer hugs to our friends and family but we are not yet there. We can only offer each other virtual hugs but soon enough we will and we can’t wait! 


Two people hugging #hugswithmeaning I broochblogsPhoto credit: Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Here are five actions you can take to cope during this time:

  1. Prioritize on sleep. Getting good quality sleep is essential for your well being and your immune system counts on it to fight infections.
  2. Know your personal signs of stress. Knowing when we are overwhelmed and stressed is so important, hence you can take necessary measures. 
  3. Work it Out. Working out makes us feel good. Exercise releases endorphins which makes us feel good and not to mention the physical health benefits that come with it.
  4. Practice kindness and gratitude. This aids your well being and optimism for the future. Grab that journal and start journaling. 
  5. Call a friend or family member; social connection goes a long way and you need it.
Bear hugsI #hugswithmeaningIbroochblogs

Photo credit: Pexels-Pixabay


We wouldn’t end this here without mentioning our superheroes the frontline workers from health workers to delivery guys, who have sacrificed so much during this time enduring so much pressure and stress putting their physical, mental and social well-being at risk to make sure we were/are okay. 

We wanted to spread some love around the world with this blog and social media using the hashtag #hugswithmeaning and we would like you to join us, would you? We would love it if you could join us by tagging someone/people you know who have been front liners during this time. You can even go a step further and drop them a nice sweet message, this will go a long way because they all deserve a medal.

 Two people hugging #hugswithmeaning I broochblogsPhoto credit: Fauxels from Pexels

Let's spread the love and hugs to them just to show them how much we appreciate and love them because they deserve a free hug and more for doing well and pushing through this season. 

And not forgetting YOU, you deserve a hug as well - We all deserve all the bear hugs in the world!

Bear with a banner #hugswithmeaning I brooch blogs

Photo credit: Marina Shatskih from Pexels

Sun Bear Brooch 

For the brooch lovers, I hope our Romolina Sun Bear brooch will be your perfect new piece of JOY. 

Until next time, we celebrate YOU and Happy hugs from us!

July 02, 2021 2 min read

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