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Hello, coffee lovers and wildlife enthusiasts!

Today, on October 1st, the world comes together to celebrate the aroma and taste of our beloved coffee and the culture, history, and hardworking farmers behind every cup. This International Coffee Day, we are taking a moment to appreciate coffee and raise awareness for an endangered animal that holds a special place in our hearts – the Raffles Banded Langur. And what better way to do that than by blending the two worlds with a unique brooch design?

The Tale of the Raffles Banded Langur

The Raffles Banded Langur is a beautiful, elusive primate found in some parts of Southeast Asia. Characterised by its striking black-and-white colouration, this species has significantly decreased numbers due to deforestation, habitat fragmentation, and other human-induced factors. The Raffles Banded Langur is on the endangered species list today, with conservationists working tirelessly to reverse its decline.

Coffee, Conservation, and Creativity

So, why combine coffee with the Raffles Banded Langur? Besides our sheer love for both, we believe in the power of art and everyday items to educate, inspire, and mobilise people. And what's more every day than a cup of coffee? By associating the familiar, comforting feel of our daily kopi with the image of the Raffles Banded Langur, we hope to build a connection that lasts and resonates.

Introducing the Raffles Banded Langur & Kopi Enamel Cup Brooch

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this brooch features the Raffles Banded Langur holding a kopi enamel cup, symbolising the fusion of our urban lives with the beauty of nature. The kopi is a cherished beverage deeply rooted in the culinary traditions of Singapore and Malaysia. This national treasure is prepared by roasting coffee beans to perfection with caramelised sugar and a dollop of butter or margarine, creating a distinctive, bold flavour. This aromatic concoction is blended with condensed milk and sugar to sweeten the deal, delivering a satisfying symphony of flavours to your taste buds.

A Brewed Awareness

This International Coffee Day, while we sip on our favourite brews, let's also remember the many wonders of our planet that need our attention. Through informed choices, support for conservation, and simply spreading the word, we can play a role in ensuring that species like the Raffles Banded Langur have a fighting chance.

So, here’s to coffee, to the mesmerising Raffles Banded Langur, and to a future where both can be enjoyed by generations to come. Happy International Coffee Day!

Raffles Banded Langur with Kopi Brooch 

October 01, 2023 2 min read

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